Declining training budgets and an increase in outside hires is causing high turnover and fueling a talent shortage.

They’ll be more likely to achieve it. Source: Teach Your Team to Expect Success

Two interesting events took place this month. Tesla announced its Model 3, a relatively affordable electric car, and it attracted around 180K preorders on the same day. Sourced through from: Disintermediation is coming to an industry near you. #VUCA #SuperChange #Superperformance

What makes an effective leader? This question is a focus of my research as an organizational scientist, executive coach, and leadership development consultant. Looking for answers, I recently completed the first round of a study of 195 leaders in 15 countries over 30 global organizations. Sourced through from: “To manage, one must lead.”…

Companies that successfully adopt digital technology don’t view it as an extra; digitization becomes central to what they are because they transform their value propositions and evolve every level of the organization so that it becomes data driven, customer obsessed, and highly agile. Sourced through from: With more High Tech will come more High…

In our hyper-connected, 24/7 world, many of us are losing sleep — literally. Our own survey of more than 180 business leaders found that four out of 10 (43%) say they do not get enough sleep at least four nights a week. Sourced through from: Work and Rest are Super Partners #TwoSides2Super

Steeping yourself in negativity has seriously terrible consequences for your mental and physical health. Sourced through from: “If you don’t have anything good to think, don’t think it!” Ruth Westra #Superperformance #Mindfulness

Leaders of high-intensity, high-performing organizations are beginning to recognize the important effects of mindfulness, exercise, and sleep on the body and the brain. Sourced through from: It’s not execution, its #Reflexicution that leads to #Superperformance

A new study suggests there’s some science behind the claims made for mindfulness meditation. Sourced through from: You do not like it. So you say. Try it! Try it! And you may. Try it and you may, I say.

Erika Christakis’ new book, The Importance of Being Little, is an impassioned plea for educators and parents to put down the worksheets and flash cards, ditch the tired craft projects and exotic vocabulary lessons, and double-down on one, simple word: Play Sourced through from: Work Needs “Not Work” to Be Whole #TwoSides2Super #SuperperformingLife