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Workshop: Being and Doing Super Agile

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

To respond effectively to Super VUCA it is important to understand first, second and third order system change. These are whole-system change and occur throughout nature. In the operations excellence world, they are recognized as second-order changes, or Kaikaku vs Kaizen, transformation vs. improvement. In science these are phase transitions, as when water turns to ice. A phase transition is a system-level change, so fundamental that the underlying state is changed, as from solid to liquid to gas or vice versa.

In quality world, these changes are called order or regime changes. In Quality theorist Joseph Juran’s Chronic Loss model, first order change is described as the sporadic spike that once alleviated, brings the homeostatic system back to its previous steady state, but does not alter actual system performance or its underlying nature. We often refer to eliminating these sporadic spikes as firefighting. In Juran’s powerful, simple model, it is the sword of quality improvement that produces the new state of performance, a second-order system change to a new steady state.

A fundamental system change for most organizations is occurring as the business world confronts the tsunami of unprecedented disruption and escalating complexity. This is driving not a first, but a second-order change in business practices and behaviors, fostering exciting and real possibilities for transforming customer value. For many companies, a second-order change will be required, as managing process and leading people (Superperforming) becomes the standard of practice. Greatness alone is not going to be enough in the 21st century; a third-order-change will be needed. To win when everyone is great, when everyone is  operating from a second-order paradigm, something new is needed. This is the realm of Super Agile.

Participants will receive (1) full day registration to the virtual workshop (2) continental breakfast and lunch (3) 1 copy of Super Agile: Higher Ground, and (4) collaboration with an amazing community of practice from all levels and all types of organization.Third-order change, representing yet another order-of-magnitude, is simply another system-level change. Imagine in the Juran Trilogy Diagram, the possibility of a new phase of Quality Improvement, leading to a “Newer Zone of Quality Control,” in this case infinitesimal, tiny, perhaps less than 1%. This would represent a third-order change; the ultimate aim of the Super Agile, not just to achieve super levels of performance, but to continually go beyond.

Join us for Super Agile Higher Ground II on May 17 2018 for totally new stories, case studies, practice fields, and a growing community of practice applying Super Agile principles, including a clear path forward for you and your organization and some unexpected Super Change for yourself.