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4 Week Certification Course | June 19-July 12

Tuesday and Thursdays

5:30PM to 8:30PM Central

Super Agility for the Owner Operator

Online Certification Course

4-week Course

Small businesses are the most vulnerable to the tsunami of disruption coming in the Digital-Knowledge Age. The certification program is designed to equip owner-operators with new skills, methods, and knowledge for Super Agility, as well as provide a simple but comprehensive framework for applying this knowledge to the Owner-Operated enterprise – one that participants can apply at any level to both revolutionize performance and equip for nimble, quick responses to unpredictable challenges. Central to the learning is a fresh understanding for how organizations, functions, and projects operate as living systems. It brings alive both traditional business concepts, such as purpose, understanding of a business as a system, interdependence of parts, and performance optimization, while at the same time incorporating concepts and methods of agility, such as cadence, vibe, kanban, and lean. Through systematic completion of over 25 integrated charts and processes, participants will implement an end-to-end system of Operations Excellence, blended with a Scrum of Scrum approach for lightweight project organization and deployment. In addition, participants will review Deming’s famous System of Profound Knowledge for Optimization of a System as it relates to Superperformance, tracing the evolution of management science from a Machine to Organism View.

Course Description

The program is designed to equip owner operators with foundation knowledge for Superperformance and a practical approach to applying Super Agile principles to their organizations, as well as transfer new skills, methods, and knowledge for the fundamentals of Superperformance. Central to the process is a fresh understanding of organizations as living systems. Super Agility examines this pattern in a second-order & third-order state environment, reflecting on the complex adaptive behaviors of Super Agile people & organizations. In addition, the nature and role of Servant Leadership is explored as a critical requirement for both Superpeformance and Super Agility.

Course Objectives

At completion of this course participants will be able to:

1. Understand Superperformance
2. Understand Super Agile and How to Applies It to Owner-Operators and their Businesses
3. Clarify Personal and Organizational Super Powers
4. Apply an end-to-end framework for Operations Excellence to a Small to Medium Sized Business
5. Integrate Super Agile into Operations Excellence activities
5. Develop a Personal and Business Strategy to Solve for Super VUCA
6. Understand the Nature of Super Teams and Super Change
7. Continue to expand on this Knowledge to Win in the Super VUCA Era

Who Should Take This Course

1. Owner Operators of Small to Medium Sized Businesses
2. General Managers and Chief Operations Officers for Small to Medium Sized Businesses
3. CEOs and Managing Directors of Small to Medium Sized Businesses
4. Quality and Project Leaders of Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Course Syllabus

Makers Mark
Our Super Powers
Superperformance is Scale Free
Application to Personal
Application to Business
The Polar-Complementarity Nature of Superperformance
Cases of Owner Operated Superperformance
State Change
Habit Strength and Wholes
Great to Gone
Super VUCA
Super Agile
7 Moves and 1 Way
Super Change
Super Team
Super Project
Super Coaching
Super Spirit
Super Tools/Scrum Mastering
Commitment to Servant Leadership
Personal 2nd & 3rd order change
Business 2nd & 3rd order change
Let go of past constraints, failures, inhibitions etc.
Unfreeze, Move, Stabilize
Operationalize Super Agile inside your organizational values & purpose

Course Instructor

Bill Leoniy

Bill Leoniy is a Quality and Operation Excellence Advisor with Corpus Optima. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University and a variety of technical certifications, including those of Lean Six Sigma Master Blackbelt (MBB) and Champion, Myers Briggs [Personality] Type Indicator Administrator (CPP), and Certified Business Coach. with broad executive experience in the chemical, oil & gas industries, his portfolio includes a decade of leading and managing emerging organizations. Bill is a seasoned project executive, enjoying over 30 years of general management and operational experience in a variety of consulting, technical and organizational improvement roles in ConocoPhillips and DuPont, where his early focus was on designing and implementing functional process management systems. In this capacity he was responsible for a variety of process improvement initiatives which led to system improvements, cost savings, and capacity increases. Upon returning to an operations executive role, he began to appreciate the significant business improvement that can be obtained through business process standardization and quality management approaches, such as assurance systems like ISO 9001.


Key Features:

– 24 Hours Instructor led Training

– 12 hours Master Mind Practice

– 1 Comprehensive Class Project