7:30 am — 4:30 pm
Hyatt Place
1909 Research Forest Drive The Woodlands, TX 77380

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Conference: Super Agile, Higher Ground

We live in an astonishingly disruptive world these days. In every direction, we face a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment.

If you feel this way, you are not alone. As CEOs look into the future, an increasing number point to the “escalation of complexity” as the Number 1 issue facing their organizations today. What’s more, they report they are unprepared to deal with it – while they acknowledge it is accelerating. They see themselves and their organizations as vulnerable – expecting the next three years will be more disruptive than the previous 50. This relentless and increasing assault exacts a heavy toll on organizations and people, threatening both performance and wellness.

In VUCA environments, new solutions are needed to survive. In the business world-across many industries-the rules of the game are changing as fast as they are being created. But today’s SUPER VUCA environment is unprecedented. SUPER VUCA calls for something new. Something Super.

Scrum, Agility’s Super Method, emerged out of a 1986 HBR paper entitled The New New Product Development Game. In the paper Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka suggested a product development model based on an accelerated delivery framework leveraging iterative and incremental development cycles, and smaller, self-directed teams. Since then the Agility movement has grown into a worldwide revolution-creating giants in the software development industry like Google and Amazon, but extending into almost every area where projects are undertaken.

Super Agility blends the force multiplier of Agility with the True North of Superperformance. While Agility transforms adaptability, nimbleness and innovation, Superperformance maximizes long-term value – based on a shockingly simple, fractal pattern. Merging the two creates something powerful, unprecedented, and new.

Through examples of Super Agile in action, this highly interactive event will not only explore Super Agile as a new discipline, but also draw from participants themselves to discover Super Agility in action.

Participants will receive (1) full day registration to the conference (2) continental breakfast and lunch (3) 1 pre-release copy of Super Agile: Higher Ground.

Join an array of Super Agile Practitioners including:

  • Terry Treiberg, General Manager of Dover Energy’s Theta Oilfield Services: Servant Leadership
  • Phil Vollands, President of Newpark Resources North American Drilling Fluids: Increasing Returns
  • Troy Fischer, CEO of Pak-Sher: Crazy Innovation in a Super Agile Environment
  • Bryan Campbell, Corpus Optima Agility Practice Lead: Super Agile as Transformation Strategy
  • Dave Guerra, principal investigator and CEO of Corpus Optima: Super Agile, Higher Ground

for a highly interactive, engaging day of Super Agile: Higher Ground, on April 5, 2017, at the Hyatt Place, 1909 Research Forest Drive, The Woodlands, Texas, 77380.

Conference Objectives

At completion of this conference participants will be able to:
1. Describe the Super VUCA landscape
2. Understand the Super Agile Approach and How to Applies It to Individuals and Organizations
3. Clarify Personal and Organizational Super Powers
4. Adopt a Super Agile Mindset + Take New Actions
5. Develop a Personal Strategy to Solve for Super VUCA
6. Explore 7 Moves and 1 Way of Super Agile for Organizations and Individuals
7. Continue to expand on this Knowledge to Win in the Super VUCA Era

Conference Speakers

 Phil Vollands, President, Newpark Drilling Fluids

Phil Vollands, serves Newpark Drilling Fluids as President, Western Hemisphere and will assume Global responsibility in July (2017.) Newpark Resources is a worldwide provider of value-added drilling fluids systems and composite matting systems used in oilfield and other commercial markets. The company’s Evolution Drilling System is a winner of the prestigious World Oil Innovation Award. Prior to Newpark, he was Vice President, Tubular Running Services for Weatherford International from 2010 to 2013. Previously, from 1997 to 2010, he served in a variety of sales and operational roles of increasing responsibility for National Oilwell Varco including VP Power Generation Division and VP Global Strategic Accounts.  Phil started his oilfield career as a wireline logging engineer working primarily in the North Sea. He brings over 25 years of global oilfield service experience that span multiple disciplines with a strong track record in driving profitable growth across the globe.  He is a committed servant leader who applies super agile principle to engage and empower talented and diverse people to unleash tremendous growth. Phil holds a BA in Engineering Science from Oxford University and an MA (Oxon).

Troy Fischer, President and CEO, Pak-Sher, Inc. 

Troy Fischer is President and CEO of Pak-Sher, Inc. Pak Sher is an innovator in the design and manufacture of carryout and kitchen prep packaging. The company specializes in the manufacture and high quality printing of carryout bags as well as the production of back-of-the-house food handling aids. Pak-Sher’s brand, “Where Custom is Standard,” is driving a second order change in Pak-Sher, through its new customer intimacy vision, designed to move beyond mass customization to customerization.Troy is a passionate and highly skilled change agent and challenger to status quo. He is an experienced Theory of Constraints practitioner, and uses these concepts to help companies overcome conflicts, whether they are internal, process or system-related, or external. Pak-Sher’s Super Agile adventure is focused on simultaneously integrating superperformance and agile principles and methods. 

 Terry Treiberg, General Manager, Dover Theta Software

Terry Treiberg serves as General Manager at Theta Oilfield Services, a Dover Energy company.  Theta outperforms its peer group as well as its portfolio partners, having experienced outperforming growth for the last eight years in the O&G industry. Terry is the originator of Theta’s core product, XSPOC, and an electrical engineer with a passion for servant leadership and high performance. Theta, from its beginnings in 1989 to today is dedicated to transforming the artificial lift space to make it more efficient, reliable and productive. Driven by the comprehensive well management system known as XSPOC, Theta software serves a variety of fields and technologies, including string design, pumping unit balancing, dynamometer data measurement, and smart oilfield monitoring.  Theta uses super agile principles to sense and respond to customer, technology, and environmental opportunities and risks to drive value in its two complementary areas: developing software and supporting customers.

Bryan Campbell, Agility Practice Lead, Corpus Optima

Bryan Campbell is Agile Practice Lead for Corpus Optima. In this role he is responsible for developing an innovative blend of Agile and Superperformance concepts to establish a new Corpus Optima offering (“Super Agile”) to accelerate business throughput and value. Bryan has over 20 years of experience in Program and Project Management in multiple Fortune 500 companies, as well as responsibility for course design and instruction for PMP/Agile/ITIL certification courses for SimpliLearn and other Technical Certification Providers. He has extensive practical experience applying agile techniques, agile organizational transformation and scaling agile for global enterprise organizations. He has led large-scale enterprise agile projects in multiple industries.

Dave Guerra, Author and CEO, Corpus Optima

Dave is the founder and CEO of Corpus Optima, a coaching, consulting & education firm based on the principles outlined in the book Superperformance, published by Old Live Oak Books, LLC. in April 2005. He is the originator and leading exponent on the theory and practice of Superperformance. Over several decades, he has consulted extensively and advocated passionately for servant leadership, operations excellence, super change, and predicts mainstream adoption of organism view to inform optimization best practices. He speaks feverishly and frequently about the merger of process and culture and its underlying influence on long-term industry outperformance, what Charlie Munger famously referred to fondly as "hog heaven." As the primary researcher and promulgator of Superperformance, he has discovered that its principles can be successfully applied to not only organizations, but also projects, functions, and people. He is currently excited to continue to discover and plumb the third-order realm of Super Agile that will inform 21st Century success practices.

Participants Will Receive

Participants will Receive

1 Pre-Release Copy of Super Agile: Higher Ground
Super VUCA Radar Screen
Conference Materials
Continental Breakfast
Box Lunch

Conference Program

Bryan Campbell: Transformation as a Steady State
Phil Vollands: Increasing Returns in a Super Agile World
Terry Treiberg: Servant Leadership for the Future
Troy Fisher: Crazy Innovation
Dave Guerra: Super Agile for a Super VUCA World