Operations Excellence Advisor Certification (March 1- April 11, 2017)




Online Certification System

The certification program is designed to equip participants with new skills, methods, and knowledge for the process side of Superperformance, as well as provide a simple but comprehensive framework for 21st Century operations excellence-one that participants can apply at the project, function, or enterprise level to revolutionize performance. Central to the learning is a fresh understanding for how organizations, functions, and projects operate as living systems. It brings alive many traditonal systems thinking concepts, including purpose, flow, interdependence of parts, and emergence. Through systematic completion of over 25 integrated charts and processes, participants will implement an end-to-end system of Five Activities for Operations Excellence. In addition, participants will review Deming’s famous System of Profound Knowledge for Optimization of a System as it relates to Superperformance, tracing the evolution of management science from a Machine to Organism View.

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