“You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”  Chief Brody, Jaws

“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.”  Bruce Lee

The Super Vuca Era


Stunning- the super crazy world we inhabit these days.  As of this writing . . .

• WikiLeaks has released onto the internet a trove that represents essentially the entire hacking capacity of the CIA. The implications are mind-boggling.
• The stock market is trading at an all-time high of 21,000, experiencing its longest record run in 25 years. CNN’s famous Fear and Greed Index Meter today is solidly green for Greed. As in Go for It. Yesterday’s close was also green, last week also green. a month ago … green. In fact, a year ago, it was . . . still green!
• MIT announced a brain-controlled robotic feedback and correction system. Yes. Mind controlled robotic actions. Airbus announced it expects to introduce this year, in 2017, a self-flying smart car (drone) prototype. What’s more, the world’s first drone Taxi Service is scheduled to open for business in Dubai this summer.
• AI is changing everything in business analytics, machine learning, self-learning chatbots, and more.
• US Oil prices have shaken off OPEC’s production freeze and empowered the next generation fracking industry – astonishingly more efficient and automated. Now the supermajors are fracking too. Lower for even longer is driving unprecedented strategic and technological change.
• The new world order has become a disorder. New international and multinational alliances are being formed and broken at a breathtaking pace. Left and Right are locked in the same gridlock we experience on Super City Houston roads every day.
• The increasing risk of geopolitical volatility, terrorism, cybercrime, and uncertain leaders with nuclear capabilities has penetrated and is the daily normal of the world’s social consciousness. We all live with this backdrop.
• It’s no wonder CEOs in our own community, in tune with no less than three separate and credible independent studies of Global CEOs in the last several years – all point to uncertainty and escalating complexity as the most serious challenges facing their companies today and into the future.

An environment of Tsunami, Hurricanes, Seismic shifts, Perfect Storms … there aren’t enough terms to describe the impact of the different forces affecting business success in the new millennium.

Welcome to the Super VUCA Era.

Originally a military term to describe dangerous operating theatres, VUCA has become a popular management acronym for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. In was introduced into the mainstream business consciousness in an article in the January–February 2014 issue of the Harvard Business Review.

Today, every established organization across the globe is scrambling to navigate a confluence of technology trends, political and economic upheaval, and shifting consumer demands. The perfect storm facing businesses is no longer VUCA. The reality described above is alive and real today.

Alive. And real. Today.

It is increasingly obvious we cannot rely on previous experience to overcome the Perfect Storm of environmental disruption we currently face. This Super Storm is increasing. The foundational disruption we face in the daily blur of technological, political, climate, economic, and social life we experience – is unprecedented. We have simply not been here before. This was the lesson of the famous Andrea Gale – sadly its valiant fishermen failed to consider the unprecedented and freakish potential of the actual Super Storm they were facing.

Closer to home, in the business world, companies that have existed for decades are being overtaken by companies formed only a few years ago. The pace of technological change has allowed companies like Alphabet, Microsoft, Netflix, Tesla,  Amazon, and other Super Agile players to upend existing markets and create entirely new ones. Their success has come at the expense of some of the largest, most stable enterprise organizations in the world.

What is the way forward in the Super VUCA Era?

Stay tuned to learn more.

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