Dave Guerra

Dave Guerra is an author and founder of Superperforming Enterprises, an integrated and mutually interdependent system of companies, based on Superperformance. The company provides Superfication services to (1) large organizations, (2) owner-operators and their businesses, (3) individuals, (4) publishing and merchandising customers, and (5) keynote speaking and conference customers. He is the originator and leading exponent on the theory and practice of superperformance, and is the author of Superperformance, The Superperforming CEO, and the upcoming book Super Agile. He regularly addresses, coaches, and advises executives from some of the world’s leading companies, providing 21st Century performance optimization services to a wide variety of Fortune 500 clients.

Over several decades, he has consulted extensively in the application of these principles to generate state change for individuals, projects, and organizations. He speaks passionately and frequently about Servant Leadership, Superperformance, Super Agility, and Super Change. In high demand as a conference and keynote speaker, he has introduced this new knowledge on the local, national, and international stage. 

Jim Immitt

Jim Immitt serves as Super Performing Enterprises’ Chief Financial Officer and has enjoyed broad experience as both a finance professional (at HP and AMD) and an exploration geoscientist (at Chevron and ENI). Jim has a BS in Geology from SUNY at Stony Brook, an MA in Geology and an MBA from the University of Texas in Austin. As a finance controller in high tech, Jim has led business transformation teams that implemented ERP systems enabling revolutionary change in finance and operations management and reporting. He has also led the finance function in product divisions that successfully integrated with merged companies and grew profitability by carefully analyzing the projected return on major Marketing and R&D investments. As an exploration geologist, Jim has generated prospects in both the petroleum and mining industries and led the field work related to a gold discovery in the remote Andes Mountains of Chile. In all examples, effective teamwork was key.

Jim is passionate about the power of teamwork, and how servant leadership can enable teams to accomplish amazing results. These are best achieved by nurturing and catalyzing the inner spirit that drives us to do our best, as individuals, as team members, or as contributors in large organizations. This is exactly the aim of Super Performing Enterprises’ services for its clients.

William Leoniy

Bill Leoniy is a Quality and Operation Excellence Advisor. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University and a variety of technical certifications, including those of Lean Six Sigma Master Blackbelt (MBB) and Champion, Myers Briggs [Personality] Type Indicator Administrator (CPP), and Certified Business Coach. Along  with broad executive experience in the chemical, oil & gas industries, his portfolio includes a decade of leading and managing emerging organizations. Bill is a seasoned project executive, enjoying over 30 years of general management and operational experience in a variety of consulting, technical and organizational improvement roles in ConocoPhillips and DuPont, where his early focus was on designing and implementing functional process management systems. In this capacity he was responsible for a variety of process improvement initiatives which led to system improvements, cost savings, and capacity increases. Upon returning to an operations executive role, he began to appreciate the significant business improvement that can be obtained through business process standardization and quality management approaches, such as assurance systems like ISO 9001.

Cindy Daniel

Cindy Daniel is Chief People Officer for Superperforming Enterprises. A Quality and Human Capital Advisor, she enjoys over 20 years of practical experience in business operations and human resources management across multiple industries. She also serves as a Superperformance Executive Coach to business leaders at all levels, leveraging skills in operations excellence, work team optimization, organization design and development, employee relations and engagement, and change management, as well as Team Leader for Convatico, focused on transforming the large scale conference and speaker space. Her passion is to build trust and strengthen relationships at all levels, while driving accountability for the diverse needs of clients to address routine, complex and critical situations. She is widely experienced in process improvement, internal audit, compliance, and business continuity. Recognized for strong analytical and execution capabilities, she has a record of success in assuming responsibility for complex programs to initiate new processes or preserve and improve existing processes. She holds a BBA in Accounting from Stephen F. Austin State University and an MBA in Human Resources Management from University of North Texas.

Don Ruppenthal

Don is a Quality and Operations Excellence Advisor. He is a highly effective industrial engineer with extensive experience formulating policies and programs across multiple cultures and environments. He evaluates processes to develop and implement continuous improvement to manage change and drive strategic outcomes. Don is proficient in emphasizing innovation and creativity to solve complex problems and increase productivity and operational efficiencies. He has a degrees in Industrial Engineering and Human Resource Management. Don is versed in Strategic Planning Process, Strategic Planning Process, Organizational Development, Lean Production Control, Leadership Development, Workflow Management, Multi-site Operations, and Matrix Team Management. Don is a Superperformance Executive Coach, and certified in Demand Flow Technology and Just in Time Development, as well as a member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. He has extensive experience leading multi-cultural teams in implementing projects and producing outstanding results. He is passionate about inspiring and motivating people to unlock their full potential, in alignment with enterprise goals and objectives.

BJ Jhaveri

BJ Jhaveri leads the Prospero Team, focused on super equipping owner operators and their organizations. He is a Superperformance Executive Coach withover 25 years of experience in business development and coaching, and talent management. In the last 15 years he has coached numerous owner operators for catalyzing a breakthrough in their careers and performance improvement in their business. His portfolio includes over a decade of leading the business operations of a Tech consulting services organization. He is an Advisory Board member for CX@Rutgers University. BJ is an Engineer, Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Six Sigma Greenbelt, and Executive MBA in Strategic Management. For his exemplary work as an Industry Advisory Council member at the Edison Job Corps Academy, he was honored with the Community Star Award.

Dale Ammon

Dale Ammon is Team Leader for Sanus, focused on bringing the Superperforming Life to individuals and environments, by reinventing and revolutionizing corporate wellness. He is a Superperformance Executive Coach, performance leadership and management expert and consultant. He has been a C-Level Executive, Sales Leader, Marketing Leader, and Strategic Change Agent who was successful in key leadership and executive roles within cutting-edge Fortune 500 leaders in the pharmaceutical, integrated health and medical device sectors. Dale has global experience in marketing and sales, launching and supporting groundbreaking products, customer engagement methodologies, organizational change strategies, and award-winning sales strategies. He builds and leads multidisciplinary teams, creating and leading top-performance teams through the entire product lifecycle, including sales, marketing, budgeting and customer service functions. He is an Industry-leading collaborator to the C-Level Executives of the largest 100 Health Systems in the US and a leader who brings broad business expertise to newly forming corporations, their leaders, and those serving their organizations. As team leader for Sanus he is working to bring a Superperforming Life culture to companies, leaders, and their workforces.

Darryl Josefchuk

Darryl is a Quality and Operations Excellence Advisor and a challenge-driven executive offering a distinctive combination of strategic and business management acumen along with proven ability to propel companies and people to achieve ambitious strategic and operational goals. He enjoys over 30 years of practical experience in an expansive career affecting multiple large-scale assembly and manufacturing organizations. Darryl is an inspirational leader for business restructuring and continuous improvement with proven history of taking businesses to the next level in sustainable change. Darryl holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree with a Specialization in Computer Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology (aka Illinois Tech), a Master of Project Management degree from Keller Graduate School of Management and a variety of technical certifications including those of Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt, Executive Coach, and ISO 9001 Lead Auditor. Darryl’s personal values include: Servant Leadership – helping people develop and perform as highly as possible. Achieving Results – Producing results that exceed strategic objectives via a combination of planning and implementation. Value-Based Problem Solving – approaching the process with a systematic and logical methodology and accomplishing this through positive interpersonal interaction. Change Leadership – Aligning organizations and their people to drive for improvement and adopt new, challenging directions. Collaborative Relationships – Establishing and nurturing relationships to turn them into living systems that evolve progressively in their possibilities. Winning the Right Way – Operating with high ethical standards, openness and trust and with fostering a culture in organizations that conduct business aligned with these standards.

Barbara Ward

Barbara Ward is a Quality and Operations Excellence Advisor, a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB) and Living Systems Thinking facilitator. She is a results-driven industrial engineer with a thirty-year history of implementing quality and performance measurement systems at senior levels in multiple industries. These positions have provided her with a seasoned perspective, comprehensive knowledge of all elements of business performance systems design and architecture, as well as a clear understanding of the need for a cohesive operations excellence strategy that supports both the short and long term goals of client organizations. Barbara is a seasoned executive coach, advising leadership teams and others as appropriate to create a systems thinking environment and to achieve strategic business objectives. Barbara has a Bachelors in Industrial Management from Clemson University and a MBA from Georgia College. She is an active member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers and a Certified AS9100 and AS9110 Lead Auditor.

Rubi Deslorieux

Rubi Deslorieux is a seasoned corporate executive who has over 30 years of global experience in diverse industries and markets including capital markets, private equity, and financial advisory, transportation and supply chain, telecommunications and wireless, commodities and plastics, precision engineering and measurement, and retail. He is a martial arts aesthete and has contributed multiple elegant and important principles to Superperforming Enterprises Super Agile advisory services.

His career includes executive roles in major corporations, including GE, as well as startups and early stage companies. As a result he has experienced up close the immutability of highly process and performance oriented enterprises, as compared with the disruption of young, nimble and flexible organizations. He is skilled at developing, building, modifying and growing new businesses. He has served on the boards of both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

He is a strategic leader with a tactician’s pragmatism. He believes in life-long learning and unlearning. He aspires to inspire others using a values-based and open leadership approach. He is the author of the upcoming book: “Seven Moves and One Way of Super Agility.” Rubi is the Team Leader of RADIX. He is a champion of the Arts, and currently serves as the President of the Board of a non-profit arts organization in Dallas.