Corpus Optima is a 21st Century organizational coaching, education, and transformation services firm. We provide process and culture transformation services, based  on the discovery of Superperformance, to many of the world’s best companies. We uniquely couple servant leadership, systems thinking, and transformation—plus a  deep bench of  practical experience—to help our clients achieve and sustain second-order performance improvements in their own organizations, projects,  communities, and lives.

Dave Guerra discovered these principles in a longitudinal study to identify the universal behaviors of “super” performing (long-term outperforming) organizations.  Over a 20-year period these companies outperformed the S&P 500 by a margin of five to one. These tenets were outlined in the bestselling business book  Superperformance and further expanded in The Superperforming CEO, and today inform a wide variety of initiatives around the world.

Corpus Optima Executive Coaching Services

Corpus Optima Superperformance Executive Coaching Services provide coaching for C-Level Executives and Executive Teams, High Potential Executives, Management Communities, and Executives serving as Internal Coaches.

Corpus Optima Education Services

Corpus Optima Education Services, based on Superperformance are comprised of C-Level Executive Team development programs, Executive and Management Retreats and Off-Sites, Workshops and Learning labs, and Certification Intensives designed to equip Executives serving as Internal Coaches, Operations Excellence Consultants, Change Agents, and Supervisors.

Corpus Optima Transformation Services

Corpus Optima Transformation Services are designed to help organizations achieve and sustain second-order levels of performance. These include Superperformance Campaigns and Initiatives, Design for Superperformance (DFSP), and Advisory Services for restructuring traditional functions for Superperformance, including project, talent, performance, change, diversity, knowledge, and human capital management.