Our upcoming 100% virtual Super Agile Conference is designed to deliver 3 times the value in one-third the time.


Welcome to the new, super way to discover, network, explore, create, interact, and learn – welcome to conferencing in the 21st Century.  Eliminate the extra weight of stress, time, and expense that typically comes with traveling across town (or around the world) to join up with your conference community.


Forget packing, forget traffic, forget parking, airports, hotels . . . you can even forget the time it takes to dress for success. Think of it as a conference in your pajamas. Take back your time. Take back your life. Step out of the tired old paradigm of “going to it” and step into the super new paradigm of “bring it to me.”  Step into the digital-knowledge future.


Whether you are in New York, the Netherlands, or New Guinea, you can join a growing and powerful community of practice for an amazing array of activities, breakouts, plenary presentations, panel discussions, and practice fields on June 6, 2018, for the world’s first 100% Virtual Super Agile Conference.  Register today. Coming to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop near you.


For Super Agile earlybirds: Register by May 15 with a coupon code of NIMBLE for a $100 discount from the $450 general registration fee.

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