Corpus Optima Education Services are uniquely delivered in interactive, hands-on learning labs, workshops, seminars, intensives, and executive retreats. Every instance is designed to equip for Superperformance, whether the objective is to deliver a crucial intervention, equip with a specific capability, or develop a particular community. Corpus Optima Education Services apply a suite of proven education methods, including games, case studies, practical skill.

Practice Fields

Corpus Optima’s exclusive library of 100+ Superperformance-based practice fields form a powerful, modular array of structured exercises, learning games, simulations, team treks, storytelling, and application exercises for accelerating executive, management, and workforce development based on the client’s unique goals and priorities. These 1-4 hour modules can be configured into entire multi-day sessions, and are broadly divided between exercises or games that can shape strategy, plan transformation campaigns or critical initiatives, as well as amplify or increase skills for servant leadership, coaching, continual improvement, lean, operations excellence, transformation, wellness, creativity, relationship skills, supervisory skills, customer engagement and service skills, and teambuilding. These are all tuned to Superperformance, the science that underlies its principles, proven methods for achieving process excellence and unleashing super culture.

Education Approach

We co-design each education program for clients based on their unique circumstances and transformational goals. While foundation development in Servant Leadership, Systems Thinking, and Transformation are an underlying deliverable, each learning instance can also vary with participant learning goals and organizational level (e.g. C-level executives, managers, supervisors, project communities.) Typically Corpus Optima Education programs engagements include three components:

A multi-dimensional curriculum – to amplify education experiences, Corpus Optima designs every executive retreat, workshop, intensive, and learning lab to maximize learning objectives with a diverse constellation of experiences (e.g. case studies, games, team treks,)

Designing a tailored education plan – each Corpus Optima learning session is tailored to our client’s specific learning goals, focusing on desired capabilities, prevailing challenges, development opportunities, and goals.

A blended learning and application approach – combining both a penetrating classroom experience with mentoring and with targeted application. Corpus Optima Instructors are long-term partners with each learning group or community, and are committed to help clients stay focused and accountable to applying new skills and methods plan. We work to ensure that new behaviors, skills and abilities are actually applied and practiced and, in the process, embedded into daily worklife.


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