Clients use our Superperformance coaching support to generate consistently excellent results –it is different from other coaching offerings in three critical ways:  Can I get a coach from you guys?

An unmistakable focus on Superperformance. The three-pronged focus of Corpus Optima Super Coaching is designed to (1) achieve a true transformation in some desired area for the coaching client, (2) increase appreciation for servant leadership, systems thinking, and transformation by the coaching client, and (3) achieve the key organizational objective for the Coaching Client.

An insistence on standout levels of expertise, experience and quality in the Corpus Optima Super Coaches we deliver to our clients. All Corpus Optima Superperformance Coaches are seasoned business executives who have successfully competed Corpus Optima’s rigorous Superperformance Coach Certification program. Along with a deep appreciation for Superperformance, Corpus Optima executive coaches contain outstanding depth in 5 areas: Servant’s Heart, Psychology, Coaching, Business Acumen, and Ethics. Setting the bar in this uncompromising way helps ensure that the talent we bring to all of our executive coaching clients is truly top-notch. This is particularly valuable to our clients since the generic coaching market continues to focus on outdated leadership paradigms and there is a clear need to assure measureable performance transformation, capability, and practical experience.

The Superperformance knowledge and practices emphasized by Corpus Optima Super Coaches are servant leadership, systems thinking, and transformation. These 3 disciplines and the ubiquitous “polar-complementary principle” are part of every coaching engagement because they serve to ignite ‘Superperformance’ and power real business transformation.

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