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4 Week Virtual Certification Course

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4 Week Course | June 25, 2018

1:30PM to 4:30PM Central Standard TIme

Mondays and Wednesdays

Super Agile Master Certification

Online Certification System

4-week Course

Instructor: Dave Guerra

Increasingly, project environments have changed. Even the most effectively planned projects today experience some degree of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Additionally, projects often begin with shifting or unclear customer requirements-making it difficult to even establish project expectations. Not only do these “VUCA” events disrupt the natural flow of work, they discourage people and often irreparably damage customer relationships. Super Agile Mastery focuses on blending Superperformance principles with Agility principles to equip Super Agile Masters with a knowledge base and framework for super results. Along with equipping in Servant Leadership, Super Change, and Super Teams, Super Agile Mastery includes the Super Agile Scrum framework and Virtual toolset that superteams use as a way to not only accelerate production but also deliver optimal customer outputs throughout the life of a project, adapting to change and emerging requirements as the project evolves. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Scrum methodology and its underlying principles, incorporating the behaviors of a Super Agile Master whose teams turn out Superperforming outcomes. Participant cohorts will function uniquely as Super Teams to apply Scrum in a practical way, including Super Agile artifacts, leveraging virtual tools like Trello boards, Slack channels, and Zoom environments.  Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Scrum methodology while specifically reviewing the behaviors of a Super Agile Master aiming for project, function, or team Superperformance. People who achieve this certification will understand and be able to adapt and apply Scrum to accelerate performance in any important area, leveraging five underlying principles of successful Super Agility: Cadence and Vibe, Super Change, Virtualization, Servant Leadership, and Super Teams.

Course Description

Agile Master Certification applies a powerful Agile framework that Super Teams can use to not only accelerate production but also deliver customer value outputs continually throughout the life of a project—increasing adaptability to change and new requirements as projects evolve. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Scrum methodology and its underlying principles, highlighting the behaviors of Scrum Masters whose teams turn out super outcomes repeatedly.

Course Objectives

1. Super Agile Mastery including Scrum
2. Servant Leadership approach
3. Proficient in Scrum including production of different Scrum artifacts including the product backlog, sprint backlog, finished deliverables, and definition of done
4. Ready to facilitate daily or weekly scrums, user stories, sprint planning, and sprint reviews
5. Capable in Super Teams including facilitating Super Team Stages of Growth
6. Capable in Super Change including guiding use of Super Change Model.

Who Should Take This Course?

-Team Leaders
-Project Managers
-Members of Scrum teams such as Team Members, Scrum Masters, and product owners
-Managers of Scrum teams
-Teams transitioning to Scrum
-Professionals intending to pursue Scrum Master certification

Course Syllabus
Course Agenda
Course Instructor

Dave Guerra, Author and CEO, Superperforming Enterprises (SPE)

Dave is the founder and CEO of Superperforming Enteprises, a coaching and equipping system based on the principles outlined in the book Superperformance. He is the originator and leading exponent on the theory and practice of Superperformance. Over several decades, he has consulted extensively and advocated passionately for servant leadership, operations excellence, super change, and predicts mainstream adoption of organism view to inform optimization best practices. He speaks feverishly and frequently about the merger of process and culture and its underlying influence on long-term industry outperformance, what Charlie Munger famously referred to fondly as "hog heaven." As the primary researcher and promulgator of Superperformance, he has discovered that its principles can be successfully applied to not only organizations, but also projects, functions, and people. He is currently excited to continue to discover and plumb the third-order realm of Super Agile that will inform 21st Century success practices.


Key Features:

– 15 Hours Instructor led Training

– 15 hours Team Practice

– 5 Hours of Related Video Instruction

– 1 Comprehensive Class Project