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Coming July 1: Super Agile: Higher Ground

The Digital-Knowledge Revolution has begun, and it’s driving a tsunami of disintermediation, dislocation, and disruption. The corporate playbook must be rewritten quickly, and it has to be replaced by one that can respond to change at a level we have never seen before.

Superperformance author and exponent Dave Guerra takes a step beyond Superperformance into the space of not second, but third-order change.

Through the integration of Superperformance and Agility, any organization can move beyond the analog world of Machine View into the digital world of Organism View. In the 21st Century Superperformance is a given. Thanks to the relentless rate of change every business will have to leverage not just its process but also its culture.

Super Agile: Higher Ground moves beyond Super to Super adaptive.

Super Agile goes beyond super to super adaptive. It makes a solid case for the Super VUCA trend and explores the Super Agile Paradox facing every organization. It also introduces the Super Agile S-Curve, Super Teams, Super Change, and more. It offers a new set of lightweight tools and simple guidance for the 21st Century.

Use this book to move to higher ground today. The stakes have never been higher, the opportunity never greater.