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4 Week Certification Course | July 10 Tuesday

Super Change Agent Certification

Online Certification System

4-week Course

Tuesdays and Thursdays

3PM to 5PM Central 

Instructor: Dave Guerra

This valuable certification program is designed to equip change agents with new models, skills, and methods for provoking super change, as well as lay out a simple roadmap to bring about a second-order change in any intelligent system. Central to the process is a new understanding for the physics of transformation, to supplant outdated traditional approaches to organization change management. This understanding is based on (1) the actual physics of transformation, (2) state change that occurs every day in the world around us, and (3) examples of real transformation to Superperformance from a wide array of people, teams, projects, and companies. Participants will come away with a Super Change Model and Toolset for application to any worthwhile corporate adventure or cause.

Course Description

Superperforming Supervisor Certification is a new competency-based development experience designed to equip new and traditional managers with 21st Century servant leadership-based coaching skills, an end-to-end framework for process improvement and transformation, and a tool set for catalyzing breakaway change. The system’s strength lies in a proven design for quickly creating an unprecedented, second-order level of capability in these three pivotal areas. The result is a highly capable, supercharged community of people who can energize the culture, amplify improvement, and apply new capabilities to achieving and sustaining Superperformance.

Course Objectives

1. Distribute management and leadership skills to everyone, transforming system capability.
2. Broadly apply a highly effective and scalable method and set of performance tools.
3. Increase personal awareness and build relationships throughout the organization. •
4. Acquire a new portfolio of skills for leveraging culture and unleashing emergent features in workgroups and teams. •
5. Develop coaching skills to assure the high level of involvement required for effectiveness in today’s surprise-filled operating environments. •
6. Measurably increase felt ownership, action taking, and self-direction throughout the organization.

Who Should Take This Course?

- New and Existing Supervisors
- New Managers
- Existing Managers Who Wish to Succeed in the Future
- New Team Leaders
- Team Members with Supervisory Aspirations

Course Syllabus
Course Agenda
Course Instructor

Bill Leoniy
Bill Leoniy is a Quality and Operation Excellence Advisor with Corpus Optima. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University and a variety of technical certifications, including those of Lean Six Sigma Master Blackbelt (MBB) and Champion, Myers Briggs [Personality] Type Indicator Administrator (CPP), and Certified Business Coach. with broad executive experience in the chemical, oil & gas industries, his portfolio includes a decade of leading and managing emerging organizations. Bill is a seasoned project executive, enjoying over 30 years of general management and operational experience in a variety of consulting, technical and organizational improvement roles in ConocoPhillips and DuPont, where his early focus was on designing and implementing functional process management systems. In this capacity he was responsible for a variety of process improvement initiatives which led to system improvements, cost savings, and capacity increases. Upon returning to an operations executive role, he began to appreciate the significant business improvement that can be obtained through business process standardization and quality management approaches, such as assurance systems like ISO 9001.


Key Features:

– 15 Hours Instructor led Training

– 15 hours Team Practice

– 5 Hours of Related Video Instruction

– 1 Cohort Project