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Superperforming Life Conference, Wednesday, February 13, 2019, 7:30AM to 3:30PM CST

Hold a space for a phenomenal day of SUPER U on Wednesday, February 13, 2019.

Superperforming Enterprises, a Digital-Knowledge Company, is pleased to host our second 100% Virtual Conference and our first annual Superperforming Life Conference. Join us for a super-timely day of discovery and interaction around Superperformance in the 21st Century, this time on a personal level.

This conference is designed to equip you with an astonishing new paradigm and a paradoxically simple way to step into your own version of SUPER U in the Digital-Knowledge Age.  It will be a highly experiential day of live plenaries and facilitated breakouts to explore the opportunity and nature of your own unlimited super potential, progressively crafting a path of super change from your current state to your unlimited future state. You will come away with a powerful new understanding and the possibility for super change for yourself and your teammates.

Based on Dave Guerra’s upcoming new book Superperforming Life: Far More Than You Can Imagine, this conference will provide convincing evidence we need a new way to think about people at work and the environments they inhabit, providing organizations and people a revolutionary new discovery about people and performance in the Digital-Knowledge Age.

Through examples and practice fields that bring alive the Superperforming Life, this highly interactive day will equip you with a ready-to-use framework for personal Superperformance. It turns the traditional employee-focused corporate wellness program on its head and introduces the previously hidden lever of environmental Super Change required to nurture, encourage and liberate personal Super Change.

Learn the S.U.P.E.R. Coaching Model, Create Your own SP Life Board, Practice a New Meditation Meme, Hear from some amazing corporate thought leaders like Greg Brenner about servant leadership and digital swarming, Anil Saxena about employee engagement in digital spaces, and Dave Guerra about why Spirit always comes first, and more.

Join us here on February 13, 2019, for this first-of-its-kind virtual super experience. Explore an array of new super stories, case studies, practice fields, and super coaching tools designed to reinvent corporate and personal wellness while opening a clear, simple, and true performance path forward in an increasingly unclear, unreliable, and uncertain world.

Conference Overview

The Superperforming Life Conference is designed to provide a day of deep diving into an entirely new approach to Corporate Wellness that turns the traditional paradigm on its head. Through a completely digital experience of Super Self and Super Environment, participants will explore Superperforming Life Concepts and Simple Rules for Sustainability into the 21st Century.

Conference Objectives

At completing this conference, participants will be able to:

1. Understand Superperformance
2. Understand how Superperformance Applies to Individuals
3. Redefine Corporate Wellness
4. Clarify Personal and Organizational Super Powers
5. Integrate Super Agile into Superperforming Life Adventure
6. See and Describe their Super Selves
7. Understand ‘Reflexicution,’ its importance and application
8. Move away from Bossism to Servant Leadership

Who Should Attend this Conference

1. CEOs and Top Executives Committed to Servant Leadership, Quality, Agility, and Super Change
2. Human Capital Executives and Chief People Officers
3. Organization Development, Employee Engagement, Change Management Executives
4. Corporate Wellness, Total Rewards, Employee Benefits Executives
5. Managers and Leaders at all Levels of Organizations

Conference Agenda

Intro to Superperforming Life – Dave Guerra
Your Super Powers
S.U.P.E.R. Coaching: Liberating the Intrinsic Motivation of Super You
Servant Leadership and Swarming in the Digital-Knowledge Age – Greg Brenner

Bossism: Overcomplexity in the Digital Age – Dale Ammon
Corporate Mojo and the Superperforming Life
Employee Engagement in the Digital Age – Anil Saxena
Four Commitments for the Superperforming Life
Superperforming Life at Scale