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Virtual Event: The Super Agile Workshop

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Based on the new book Super Agile: Higher Ground by Dave Guerra with Rubi Deslorieux, this workshop is designed to equip participants with a practical toolset for applying Super Agile principles and methods at any level in organizations.

It draws on the foundational triple braid of Superperformance; Systems Thinking, Servant Leadership, and Transformation and adds the speed, flexibility, and innovation of Agility. Merging the two creates something powerful, unprecedented, and refreshingly simple.

Additionally, participants will gain practical knowledge and templates for applying Super Agile principles in Virtual projects, leveraging an ecology of customized application tools like Trello, Slack, and Zoom.

Through examples of Super Agile in action, this highly interactive workshop will not only explore Super Agile as a new discipline, but also draw from participants themselves to discover Super Agility in action.

Participants will receive (1) full day registration to the workshop (2) courseware for the workshop (3) 1 copy of Super Agile: Higher Ground and the Super Agile Workbook (4) collaboration with an amazing community of practice from all levels and all types of organizations.

Registration for the Super Agile Workshop is limited. Register early for totally new stories, case studies, practice fields, and a growing community of practice applying Super Agile principles, charting a clear path forward for you and your organization, applied through the next wave of virtual experiential learning.