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Virtual Conference: Super Agile, Higher Ground II

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Since our original Super Agile Conference around this time last year, Super VUCA in the environment has accelerated into a firehose. The technological, political, social, financial upheaval of the 21st Century is exacting a heavy toll on people and companies everywhere. Along with VUCA, which originated as a way to describe the most dangerous military theatres, PTSD originated as a way to describe the effect of VUCA on armed forces. Today, a new clinical category has emerged to label a secondary form of PTSD that is affecting scores of people who are grappling with the high levels of disruption in the environment. A recent study by Gallup reports that 79% of Americans feel stress sometimes or frequently on a daily basis. Stress-related illness escalates health costs, drives absenteeism and presenteeism – and demolishes productivity.

Clearly, if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all, you are not alone. As CEOs look into the future, the vast majority point to the “escalation of complexity” as the Number 1 issue facing their organizations today. What’s more, they report they are unprepared to deal with it – while they acknowledge it is accelerating. They see themselves and their organizations as vulnerable – expecting the next three years will be more disruptive than the previous 50. This relentless and accelerating assault is harming organizations and people, threatening both performance and the human condition.

In the business world-across many industries-the rules of the game are changing as fast as they are being created. Many former juggernauts like GE, Sears, and others have moved from Great to Almost Gone. In quick changing environments, quick changing solutions are needed to survive. What is required for today’s SUPER VUCA environment is unprecedented. SUPER VUCA calls for something new.

Scrum, Agility’s Greyhound, emerged out of a 1986 HBR paper entitled The New New Product Development Game. In the paper Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka suggested a product development model based on an accelerated delivery framework leveraging iterative and incremental development cycles, and smaller, self-directed teams. Since then the Agility movement has grown into a worldwide revolution-creating giants in the software development industry like Google and Amazon, but extending into almost every area where projects are undertaken.

Super Agility is the antidote for Super VUCA. It blends the force multiplier of Agility with the True North of Superperformance. While Agility transforms speed, flexibility, and innovation Superperformance maximizes long-term value – based on a surprisingly simple, fractal pattern. Merging the two creates something powerful, unprecedented, and refreshingly reliable.

Through examples of Super Agile in action, this highly interactive event will not only explore Super Agile as a new discipline, but also draw from participants themselves to discover Super Agility in action.

Participants will receive (1) full day registration to the conference (2) 1 Super Agile Care Package  (3) 1 pre-release copy of Super Agile: Higher Ground, and (4) collaboration with an amazing community of practice from all levels and all types of organization.

Join us for Super Agile Higher Ground II on June 6, 2018 for totally new stories, case studies, practice fields, and a growing community of practice applying Super Agile principles, including a clear path forward for your organization in an increasingly unclear world, including some unexpected Super Change for yourself.

Conference Objectives

At completion of this conference participants will be able to:
1. Describe the Super VUCA landscape
2. Understand the Super Agile Approach and How to Applies It to Individuals and Organizations
3. Clarify Personal and Organizational Super Powers
4. Adopt a Super Agile Mindset + Take New Actions
5. Develop a Personal Strategy to Solve for Super VUCA
6. Explore 7 Moves and 1 Way of Super Agile for Organizations and Individuals
7. Continue to expand on this Knowledge to Win in the Super VUCA Era

Conference Speakers

 Kevin McEvoy, Keynote, CEO (Ret.) Oceaneering

Kevin McEvoy's 45 year career in offshore related endeavors began in June 1972, following graduation from Brown University when he entered the U. S. Navy. On active duty for four years, he was engaged in Diving, Salvage and Submarine Rescue duties, following which he obtained an MBA from Texas A & M University and began his career in the commercial offshore business.  After 38 years, he retired in May of 2017 as CEO of Oceaneering International Inc., an advanced applied technology company that focuses on deep water engineered products and services for the oil and gas industry. Through the use of its applied technology expertise, Oceaneering also serves the defense, entertainment and aerospace industries.

This journey has taken him through multiple assignments at each of the five major business units of the company, three foreign assignments (Singapore, Brunei, and Scotland), and extensive travel internationally where Oceaneering conducts its major operations.

Mr. Mcevoy was recognized as a Texas A&M Mays Business School Outstanding Alumnus in 2014 and an Ernst & Young Southwest Region category winner and National runner-up in the E&Y 2015 Entrepreneur Of The Year competition.

He is the immediate past Chairman of The National Ocean Industry Association, served as a Director on several other industry related trade group boards, and was a member of the National Petroleum Council.

Mr. McEvoy currently serves as a Director on the boards of Oceaneering International Inc. (NYSE : OII), and EMCOR Group (NYSE : EME).

Among the various charities he supports are: Charity: Water, Mercy Ships, United Way of Greater Houston, The American Heart Association and the Pulmonary Hypertension Association.


Amanda Haverkamp, Amazon Quality Leader, Texas

Amanda Haverkamp is currently working with Amazon as their Quality Regional leader in the Texas region helping sites improve and sustain quality for Amazon customers at their Robotic fulfillment centers.

Amanda says she believes that inspiring and empowering people is her greatest gift and where she succeeds is bringing value to any business.  With 22 years of experience, in manufacturing/engineering and quality, she enjoys helping others to understand their value and how they are connected to a bigger picture.  Amanda spent most of her career with GE where she held 24 positions in 20 years, with each giving her opportunities to improve my her skills at leading people.  In one of her most memorable roles, she once led a team of 125 people across the globe to improve supplier quality at GE Appliances.  This position challenged her culturally and taught her that she truly had more strength as a leader than she had ever imagined.

As a certified Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, Amanda has saved companies 10% of their total revenue in 2 years, and she has completed projects that saved more than $120 million while earning awards for management and inclusiveness.  She says she wholeheartedly believes in servant leadership and tries to exhibit it every day.

Amanda holds a BS in General Engineering from University of Illinois and an MBA from Indiana University.


 Rubi Deslorieux, Co-Author, Super Agile

Rubi Deslorieux is a seasoned corporate executive who has over 30 years of global experience in diverse industries and markets including capital markets, private equity, and financial advisory, transportation and supply chain, telecommunications and wireless, commodities and plastics, precision engineering and measurement, and retail. He is a martial arts aesthete and has contributed multiple elegant and important principles to Superperforming Enterprises Super Agile advisory services.

His career includes executive roles in major corporations, including GE, as well as startups and early stage companies. As a result he has experienced up close the immutability of highly process and performance oriented enterprises, as compared with the disruption of young, nimble and flexible organizations.

He is skilled at developing, building, modifying and growing new businesses. He has served on the boards of both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. At his core he is a strategic leader who is clothed in a tactician’s pragmatism. He believes in life-long learning, fighting cognitive inertia, and managing change acceleration. He aspires to always inspire people using a values-based and open leadership style. He is the co-author of the upcoming book: “Super Agile: Higher Ground”. Deslorieux is the Team Leader of RADIX. In his remaining spare time he serves as the President of the Board of a non-profit arts organization in Dallas.


Dave Guerra, CEO, Superperforming Enterprises

Dave is the founder and CEO of Superperforming Enterprises, a collection of 100% virtual companies focused on bringing knowledge and guidance for Superperformance to major corporations, owner-operated businesses, individuals, and communities of practice. He is the originator and leading exponent on the theory and practice of Superperformance and the author of Superperformance, Superperforming CEO, and Super Agile, with Rubi Deslorieux. Over several decades, he has consulted extensively in the areas of Superperformance, Super Agility, Servant Leadership, Living Systems Thinking, Super Change, Super Projects, and Super Teams. He is a tireless champion for adoption of these astonishingly simple principles to guide tomorrow's best practices. He speaks feverishly and frequently about the merger of process and culture and its underlying influence on long-term industry outperformance. As the primary researcher and promulgator of Superperformance, he has discovered that its principles are scale-free, and can be applied in any intelligent system. He is currently interested to discover and plumb the third-order change regime of Super Agility destined to inform 21st Century success practices.

Participants Will Receive

Participants will Receive

1 Pre-Release Copy of Super Agile: Higher Ground
Super VUCA Radar Screen
Conference Materials
Continental Breakfast
Box Lunch

Conference Program

Dave Guerra: Super Agile and 3rd Order Change
Kevin McEvoy: Leadership and Super Agility
Breakout at Virtual Tables
Rubi Deslorieux: 7 Moves and 1 Way of Super Agility
Breakout at Virtual Tables
Amanda Haverkamp: Servant Leadership for the Future
Breakout at Virtual Tables
Dave Guerra: The Joy of Breakthrough: A Case Study of Super Agile
Panel Discussion: Great to Almost Gone
World Cafe: Lessons Learned from the Conference

Who Should Attend

This conference would benefit anyone who is interested to transcend a certain future of uncertainty. In particular this conference would appeal to:

  • CEOS and C-Suite Executives
  • Operating and Project Leaders
  • Agility Practitioners
  • Human Capital and Change Management Leaders
  • Operational Excellence Leaders
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Leaders
  • Strategy Leaders
  • Key Managers
  • Super Agile Practitioners