“To manage, one must lead.”  Deming

To go from good to great is to go from project management to project optimization. The powerful evidence of “Super Projects,” those large scale capital-projects whose outcomes far outperform their stakeholder expectations, demonstrate that there is something special occurring in this category. The evidence points us to Deming’s famous call for as much project leadership as project management.

Through real case examples of Super Projects from the Oil & Gas industry here in the Gulf of Mexico and around the world, we are examining this category, its servant leadership link, and the urgent requirement for a new life science of capital projects and their optimization in dynamic, complex adaptive environments.

The Superperformance Formula works because process and culture have a complementary relationship, opposing but also in need of eachother for completion. These properties appear everywhere in nature, from the particle-wave duality, to the DNA molecule, to the management and leadership of organizations.

This startling discovery, that there is a left and right brain to project optimization, and further, that tangible evidence of a cultural phenomenon is a requisite condition of Superperformance, points to the incontrovertible need for a new management science. This new science must be as much leadership as management science to explain the phenomenon of Super Projects and organizational Superperformance. The implications are tremendous.

In these urgent times, Project Executives, Managers, Teams, and Communities everywhere can make immediate use of this knowledge to transform project outcomes.

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