Superperformance is a new framework for managing and leading that provides an astonishingly simple path forward through today’s complex world of work, introducing a new paradigm for optimizing both organizations and individuals. Superperformance emerges when process and passion merge to become one. This points to the incontrovertible need for a new management science, one that is both leadership and management together.

Corpus Optima’s breakthrough approach to transformation leverages this knowledge and the intrinsic motivation of people to transform management and leadership together – leading to the transformation of the entire system, and the inevitable, certain emergence of Superperformance.

The discovery of Superperformance pattern in widely varied organizations, projects, and people shows that Superperformance is available to anyone, but not without a shift in consciousness. Taking this path leads to a new understanding for how organizations work, an exciting new view of corporate culture, and a deeper inquiry into the fractal nature of Superperformance in any living system.