Corpus Optima is a 21st Century management consulting firm. We provide servant leadership, systems thinking, and transformation services, based on Superperformance, to many of the world’s best companies. We uniquely couple the simultaneous transformation of process and culture—plus a deep bench of  practical experience—to help our clients achieve and sustain second-order performance improvements in their own organizations, projects, communities, and lives.

Dave Guerra discovered these principles in a longitudinal study to identify the universal practices and behaviors of “super” performing (long-term outperforming) organizations. Over a 20-year period these companies outperformed the S&P 500 by a margin of five to one. These principles were outlined in the bestselling business book Superperformance and further expanded in The Superperforming CEO, and today inform a wide variety of corporate adventures around the world.

To understand superperformance is to see organizations in a remarkable new way. Superperformance emerges for free in organizations that can learn and apply these 8 Simple Rules. While the pattern is simple, it requires a fresh approach to managing and leading for most organizations. We help our customers adopt and implement these practices at every level.