In today’s world of work—across many industries—the rules of the game are changing as fast as they are being created. What is the wisest path forward in the new “era of uncertainty?” And what role will leadership play in an increasingly complex future?

While this rising tide affects all companies, one industry that knows a great deal about disruption is the Energy Industry, which has undergone immense transformation over the past 50 years.

In this special session, Kevin McEvoy, former President and CEO of Oceaneering, reveals a lifetime of lessons learned. His talk will show why Servant Leadership is a powerful and timeless lever for enabling Superperformance in any environment.

In addition, this year’s conference will include an array of new Super Agile topics. Through a kaleidoscope of powerful workshops, Super Agile case studies, and virtual breakout sessions, this highly experiential event will tap the collective wisdom of the conference community itself. It is designed to not only bring Super Agility to life, but draw from a powerful faculty and participants themselves to explore why this approach represents the surest, safest way forward for companies, projects, and people in the 21st Century.


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