Super Agility for the Owner Operator (June 19-July 12, 2018)


Super Agile Course for Owner Operators. Designed to equip both Owner Operators and their Businesses for the Digital-Knowledge Age.



Super Agility for the Owner Operator

Online Certification Course

4-week Course

Small businesses are the most vulnerable to the tsunami of disruption coming in the Digital-Knowledge Age. The certification program is designed to equip owner-operators with new skills, methods, and knowledge for Super Agility, as well as provide a simple but comprehensive framework for applying this knowledge to the Owner-Operated enterprise – one that participants can apply at any level to both revolutionize performance and equip for nimble, quick responses to unpredictable challenges. Central to the learning is a fresh understanding for how organizations, functions, and projects operate as living systems. It brings alive both traditional business concepts, such as purpose, understanding of a business as a system, interdependence of parts, and performance optimization, while at the same time incorporating concepts and methods of agility, such as cadence, vibe, kanban, and lean. Through systematic completion of over 25 integrated charts and processes, participants will implement an end-to-end system of Operations Excellence, blended with a Scrum of Scrum approach for lightweight project organization and deployment. In addition, participants will review Deming’s famous System of Profound Knowledge for Optimization of a System as it relates to Superperformance, tracing the evolution of management science from a Machine to Organism View.