Block and Punch. How does Martial Arts inform Super Agile, and how does the polar-complementary principle come alive in the 7 Moves and One Way? What do feudal Japanese practices have to do with the present day Super VUCA environment?   To be Super Agile is to embrace the paradox: be both immutable and disruptive at the same time, both particle and wave. Martial Artist and Corporate Strategist Rubi Deslorieux introduces seven valuable moves every organization and individual can leverage to transcend Super VUCA. He also brings the Spirit nature of Super Agile alive through a new appreciation for the humble Servant Warrior. Super Agile is a way for people and companies to not just survive, but thrive in the new DIgital-Knowledge Age. There’s still time.  Register by June 1 with a coupon code of SUPERVALUE for a $50 discount from the $450 Registration Fee.  Convatico presents the 2nd Annual Super Agile Conference | June 6, 2018 | a 100% Virtual Experience.

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