There is still time to register for TOMORROW’S Second Annual Super Agile Conference. Join a rapidly evolving, global community of practice for this 100% ONLINE, 21st Century conference experience. Sessions include Life Lessons Learned from Oceaneering’s former Superperforming CEO Kevin McEvoy, Creating Superperforming Teams by Amazon’s Amanda Haverkamp, The Seven Moves and 1 Way of Super Agile by Martial Arts aesthete Rubi Deslorieux, The Astonishing Super Agile S-Curve and a real Super Agile Case Study, and more. 

Convatico presents the 2nd Annual Super Agile Conference | June 6, 2018 | a 100% Virtual Experience. #SenseandRespond #SuperSurfer #SuperAgile #SuperAgileConference2018 #Superperformance #3rdOrderChange Learn More or Register at

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