The Science of Super

We take a new approach to Organizational and Personal transformation, based on a fundamental principle, a Universal law. We call this principle the principle of Polar-Complementarity. Polar-complementarity is telling us there is a simpler way to make the most of ourselves and our organizations. That it is turtles all the way down.

Super levels of performance emerge from a synergistic relationship, PXC, across endless combinations. This pattern is not only the Secret of Life. It is the truest path to Super Success for organizations too. It is a massive opportunity hiding in plain sight. It is the surest way through the relentless kaleidoscope of today’s Super VUCA environment.

The underlying evidence of this pattern and its second and third-order potential for systems of work, projects, and people – is a powerful argument for going Super in the 21st Century. From the 1s and 0s of our digital world, to the Double Helix of the DNA Molecule, to the Particle-Wave Duality of Quantum Mechanics, the Science of Super is a science of Simple Rules.

Less not more.

By calling out those rules, succinctly, we aim to move the world to a steady state of Super.

Organizations are not machines – they are organisms. They can not only see – they can feel. They are not mechanical – they are quantum mechanical. The science of Superperformance is a two-headed science – tangible and intangible together. In Super Universe we recognize these as managing and leading – one hemisphere for control, the other for liberation. This applies at the personal level too – but self-control, and self-liberation.

People, teams, and companies who are super-equipped marry tangible and intangible together to transform performance and change lives.

Planned for release in 2019 by Radix