Introducing a Suite of Super Agile Solutions

Superperforming Enterprises introduces a fully integrated system of Super Agile solutions for people and companies.

In increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (“VUCA”) environments, new techniques and behaviors are needed to deal with the rapid pace of business change. But today’s VUCA has reached unprecedented levels. In many industries, the rules of the game are changing as fast as they are being created. Winning today requires overcoming a continuous stream of not yearly, not quarterly, not monthly, not even weekly – but daily disruption. Only those who can sense and respond faster will arrive early enough at the future in time to make a difference. Super Agile is a way to accelerate value performance in the 21st Century.

Super Agile blends the adaptability of Agility with the true north of Superperformance. While Agility draws on self-organization, iteration,  and adaptation, Superperformance is the proven path to long-term outperformance. It is a set of 8 Simple Rules drawn from actual Superperformers – their intrinsic behaviors and fractal patterns.

Across five new, super-specialized companies, Superperforming Enterprises introduces a suite of Virtual Super Agile offerings to help people and companies identify and achieve third-order changes that will not only overcome, but transcend Super VUCA.